Child Abuse & its Management
An overview of child abuse, including some warning signs to look out for, preventive factors, parenting skills related to managing children affected with abuse, and dealing with such children in Counseling sessions

Soha Daru

6 weeks long

Workload: 2 hours/week

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About the Course

Child abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment or neglect of a child or children. Child abuse is an international phenomenon. Children who have a history of neglect or physical abuse are at risk of developing psychiatric problems, or a disorganized attachment style.

This course is the need of the hour, considering the rise in cases of child abuse worldwide. The course will teach parents, teachers and caregivers how to recognize symptoms of child abuse, prevent abuse and help affected children overcome the scars of abuse; it will also throw light on how parents should deal with a child who has gone through or is going through abuse.

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About the Instructor(s)
The trainer, Soha Daru, has a Masters in Psychology, and has dealt with a number of children in schools and mental health centers. She has conducted several workshops for parents and teens. Coming in close contact with cases of child abuse, she can offer practical solutions combined with knowledge, to reach out to parents and caregivers.
Course Format
  • Six Sessions
  • Six Weeks
  • Powerpoint Presentation with associated Audio
  • Activities to understand better
Course Objectives
  • Will give you practical knowledge on preventing and dealing with children affected with abuse
  • Will help you deal better with children to prevent abuse and heal wounds
Course Fee
Individual Participants from India (in Indian Rupee)
Group Participants from India
(minimum members in a group is three) (in Indian Rupee)
Individual Participants from Rest of the world (in US Dollars)
Group Participants from Rest of the world (minimum members in a group is three) (in US Dollars)

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Important Dates
  • Participant Capacity is Limited to 12 per batch.
  • To Know about Course details and Commencement dates Text the Course No and Your Email ID to 0091 979 00 88 002 or email us at Eg; 008 SPACE to 0979 00 88 002
Learning Kit
  • PPTs
  • Course material
  • Resource material
  • Associated voice files
Trainer’s Support
  • Voice Associated Powerpoint Presentations
  • Pragmatic Paper to assess understanding at the end of each session
  • dditional support through email / chat during the course period
Course Syllabus

Week 1-          Introduction of child abuse

Week 2-          Physical Abuse

Week 3-          Sexual Abuse

Week 4-          Emotional abuse

Week 5-          Parenting skills

Week 6-          Helping an abused or neglected child

Recommended Background
  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Teachers
  • Those who are interested in specializing in child care
Suggested Readings
  • Reference list will be provided during the course work
Course Plan
  • Six sessions
  • Six weeks
  • Powerpoint presentations with associated audio
  • Activities and assignments to understand the course in better way
  • Discussion through mail/chat/ Skype (on request)
  • ragmatic assessments at end of every week
Learning Outcome
Further Learning
School psychology introduction and School Children problems II courses by the same trainer
Technical Requirements
  • A computer or a laptop with Microsoft Office with mike and headphone facility
  • A good Internet connection
Statement of Accomplishment
On completion, the participant will be certified by the International Association of Holistic Psychology
Contact to register

Contact your student advisor at for more details on registration, availability of seat, payment of fee, etc.

Course FAQ's

1. I am student of Psychology. Will this course be useful for me?

This course is useful for anyone who is interacting with children on a regular basis. If you are interested in working with children in the future, then this course will be very helpful for you.

2. Will I get a certificate on completion?

Yes. Participants who complete the course will receive a registered certificate from the International Association of Holistic Psychology.

3. Do I have to pay every time I download a file, or is it the only initial fee?

There is only an initial fee you will have to pay. No extra costs.

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