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What is a Webinar? The term webinar is the short form of Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web, specifically a of web & seminar, to describe a specific type of web conference. What is “Test Your Self” CE Program? These CE programs will be conducted by Experts in each discipline and they will not be having any modules or materials to educate but the program will provide you with a syllabus and will test you at the end of a pre determined time. The program will test your ability to the concerned specialty and you will be awarded based on your scores. What is the difference between a Webinar and a CE Program? Webinar is of short duration and will be having sessions ranging from 4 to 8. Webinars will not be assessed and only learning takes place. In CE programs the learning period will vary from course to course and will have modules to complete and will be assessed. Whom to contact In case I am in trouble? You will be assigned with a student advisor who will help you out through the course period.
How webinars work for prospective participants? Visit Link Above- How Webinar Works for Participants What is Update Your Knowledge CE Program? This CE program will be conducted by Experts and there will be short modules or materials to educate you. Upon completion of the modules you will be assessed. The program will test your ability to the concerned specialty and you will be awarded based on your scores. How to register for a webinar or a CE program? Visit A – Z Programs Link at and Select your preferred program. The program link will have a PDF document which can be downloaded. This PDF will have all the information about registering. How useful these webinars will be? You can learn the world of psychology at the comfort of home. You can select the best of trainers and the best of specialties. You can learn at your convenience.
How webinars works for a prospective trainer? Visit Link Above- How Webinar Works for Trainer What is Learn New CE Program? This CE program will be conducted by Experts and there will be modules or materials to educate you. A plan of study and schedule will be provided. The modules will take care from the basic of the concerned specialty and will teach you the cores of the same. Upon completion of the modules you will be assessed. The program will test your ability to the concerned specialty and you will be awarded based on your scores. How to pay fee? You can pay the Fee through Bank Transfer or through DD. International Students can pay the fee through Bank Transfer. How to cancel a registration? A registration can be canceled three days before the start of the program. You can cancel through email.
Who can attend these webinars? Anyone who is interested in upgrading his/her knowledge in a particular subject. What is a Webinar with Live Video Mode? In these webinars, there will be scheduled sessions wherein the trainer and participants will be interacting through video conferences and will be using screen sharing and all other modes of efficient technology. Will I be certified? Yes, you will be certified by IAHP on completion of each program. What is the refund policy of Cancelations before three days will get a 50%refund. Cancellations after that will not be refunded.
What is CE Program? Continuing Education (CE) in psychology is an ongoing process consisting of formal learning activities that are relevant to psychological practice, education and science, enable psychologists to keep pace with emerging issues and technologies, and allow psychologists to maintain, develop, and increase competencies in order to improve services to the public and enhance contributions to the profession. Continuing education builds upon a completed program in psychology. It is not a substitute for the basic academic education and training needed for entry to the field of psychology, nor should it be the primary vehicle for career changes from one specialty area (for example, clinical, counseling, school psychology) to another. Successful continuing education in psychology requires: (1) careful educational planning that results in a clear statement of educational objectives (2) the selection of appropriate instructional methods to achieve those objectives and (3) the selection of instructional personnel with demonstrated expertise in the program content What is a webinar without Video mode? In this webinar there will be a scheduled trainer and participant meeting and session but there won’t be live video streaming. Both the trainer and participant will use other means of communication like email, chat, phone, and so on to discuss. Is this certificate recognized by RCI or UGC? No, we don’t come under RCI or UGC. These webinars and CE programs are to update your knowledge and do not require any approval. What to do if I am not satisfied? At any time you can, talk with your trainer or the student advisor regarding this.
Is there any eligibility requirement to do courses here? will be available to anyone in the world with an Internet connection, and in general, there will not be an admission process, just a registration. How may I apply to study with can become a registered participant of and avail discounted fee on all the courses and other benefits too. Visit this link for more help. You can directly apply to a course of interest as an outsider. For more information contact us at with your course of interest. Whether I need to be a registered member of or IAHP to do these courses? No. You can enroll as an outsider too. I am from Australia. Will I be able to do these courses? Yes. Anyone from any country can pursue these courses.

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