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What all you can do at ihmh?
  1. Good News Psychologists!! An opportunity is knocking at your door!!
    • If you have the knowledge and expertise to share, you are invited to join and share it for a reasonable pay.
    • serves as a platform to reach the psychology audience worldwide.
    • We provide a tremendous opportunity to train the students around the world at the comfort of your home.
    • If you are a person who thinks in a unique way and have the capability of designing unique courses in psychology, then you can win hands down. Join us and show the world what you are capable of.


    IHMH portal will create a borderless world and facilitate in sharing expertise from one part of the world to another part. This portal will help the psychology learners to learn from trainers around the world and the objective is to promote psychology and to bring the best of the world to each one’s home.

    Who can be a trainer?

    If you have the psychology stuff which you can share in the form of a course / workshop / a program, then is a right place for you.  You can be a teacher or a trainer here.  If you have the quality and expertise, you can draw people towards you, simple as that. These programs need not be always online; we have options to conduct courses offline too. The idea is to share your knowledge to the world so that you earn money and reputation as well as help in the growth of psychology.

    As a trainer, what can you do here?

    You can conduct

    1. Audio – Video Mode Webinars
      1. Through Skype (one-to-one online at a scheduled time)
      2. Through Adobe ( trainer to many participants – online at a scheduled time)
      3. Through gototalk etc., (one to thousands)
    2. Audio Mode Webinars (resource materials with voice files and email support)
    3. Non  AV  Webinars  (resource  materials  with  online  guidance  or  email  support  –  no  time limitations)
    4. Recorded Lectures
    5. Short time courses (design your courses – have assessments & certification)
    6. Seminars ( a pool of trainers joined together delivering on a similar topic )
    7. Share your expertise in any form which is practically possible for you

    Who will be the participants?

    Student community, graduates, post graduates, practitioners, teachers, professors and all those who are interested about your course topics.
    IHMH will be covering students from Asian and African Countries. You and your courses / webinars will be promoted throughout Asia and Africa and in future we shall try promoting the courses throughout the world.  We see that the information reaches all the colleges and universities having a psychology program.

    How will this work?

    1. You get registered as a trainer.
    2. Send us your details about your course and the mode of conduction.
    3. will review and discuss the possibilities of conducting the course
    4. will assist you in framing an easy methodology of conduction based on your teaching style.
    5. CE Program / webinar details will be updated on the web and our staff will be promoting the courses/ webinars in all the Asian and African countries
    6. Interested Participants will contact IHMH and our staff will brief them the details about the course and about the trainer.
    7. Participants  will  pay  fee  at  IHMH  and the details  of  the  participants  will  be emailed to the trainer.
    8. The trainer will be conducting the webinar / certificate course.
    9. Up on successful completion, IHMH will get a feedback from the participants and then issue certificate of participation to each one of them.
    10. The trainer will be paid as per the decided fee.
    11. The trainer will decide on the next webinar or workshop.
    12. Likewise, the cycle goes on.

    Will I get participants for my programs?

    It solely depends up on the content of your program and quality in which you train. We will put our best efforts to promote your programs and you can also promote from your side. We will help you deliver the best.   We visualize you to become a trainer who can influence the participants at the control of your mouse.   To start with, even a few participants will gain you good experience and money.

    Why should you do this with

    1. We are going to be the one stop shop for all psychology training needs
    2. We have dedicated team of people to promote your works and assist with modern technology
    3. We help you out in every possible manner to conduct programs successfully
    4. We promote you as a trainer
    5. We reach all colleges and universities having psychology program throughout Asia and Africa.
    6. We schedule things for you saving your time and we make things easier for you by bridging the gap between the trainer and the participant
    7. We certify your programs
    8. Conducting programs for foreign students individually is costlier and being a pool of trainers at, we make this easy for you

    What other support can I expect from IHMH?

    Apart from Promoting and Helping in conducting programs, IHMH has a team who will help you in drafting course material, preparing for the webinar, and guiding you in making the content and delivery impeccable. The way you deliver and things you deliver are those which are going to gain name for us. So we will see that you deliver the best. Our editors and content writers can help you in designing your manual at a minimal cost.

    What about the training fee?

    You  can  fix  fee  for  your  programs  and  you  need  to  pay  a  meager  share  of  your  fee  to towards promotion expenses and transaction charges. The fee can be decided based on each course and its fee as the expenses involved may vary for each course.  We can assure you that we will be charging you too less and it won’t affect your profits.  The idea is to run more courses with less money and not few courses with more money.

    How will you get your fee?

    At the end of each webinar or workshop or CE program, the fee amount will be transferred to your bank account within five days of the course / program completion.

    For more clarifications,

    Email us at - We will get back to you. Thank You...

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